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Curioscape Affiliate Program

Now you can participate in the pay for position if you have a web site! If it is antiquing and collecting related you can join the affiliate program to generate revenue and increase your traffic. We will give you advertising credits towards the pay for position program every time you refer a visitor from your site to ours. This means that you can position your web site at the top of our pages for free. Curioscape is currently being promoted by, the leading fixed price antiquing mall on the internet today.

How do I make the most of this service?

This program works best for sites that can deliver visitors to us. If you have visitor traffic at your site, we can bring your site more visitors. If you have no visitor traffic, then we recommend that you try paying for the regular Curioscape service to bring traffic to your site. Place the affiliate link at the bottom or side of some of your most visited pages to get credit for a visitor when they leave your web page.

How does it work?

The affiliate program involves adding a link back to the Curioscape web site on your web site. Every time a visitor to your web site clicks the link you will earn an advertising credit towards the pay for position. Your credits will enable you to position a link to your web site at the top of page when someone is visiting Curioscape. The current credit per click is $.03 Credit is earned from the time the link is displayed on your site. Your Curioscape listing will appear after a certain minimum amount is reached, currently $5.00 for insertion.

Who can join it?

In order to use the affiliate program, you must first have an current and active antique targeted web site listed in the directory. If you do not have this type of web site, then you can use some of the other affiliate program site on the web.

How do I install it on my page?

There are a variety of styles affiliate program links that you add to your web site. Styles range from versions that fit in rows or columns of a page, to a simple text link. These can be viewed on the following page. We will provide the HTML code that you can cut and paste onto your web page. This code must be unaltered in order for it to work properly. Once the page has been modified you can test the installation to see if it has be done properly. If the HTML code is added properly you will start earning advertising credits.

What happens if I fake clicks?

Curioscape records the history of each affiliate member. The same usage procedures put in place for preventing abuse of the system are active for the affiliate program. Repeated clicks made by a user at one location or by some software application will not be counted. Abusers are risking permanent removal from the directory. The history list is reviewed at the time of adding the site into the directory.

Terms of Usage

The Curioscape Affiliate Program is for Shops to offset the cost of advertising here by generating traffic by placing a link to Curioscape on their web site. The credits generated by advertisers can not be redeemed in cash form. The credits are only applied to the advertisers current balance. The amount per referral and all other aspects of the affiliate program are subject to change at any point of time in the future.




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