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How To Use This Site is another way for collectors to promote their personal page and business. They can create a web site and add it to our directory. We will scan the pages word by word so that visitors can locate items directly from their pages.

Visitors can search for the most relevant sites that match their search criteria with our search engine software.

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Typical Example A web page owner, Tony, wants to sell his sports memorabilia collection online by creating his own web page.  He also wants to create his own online presence.


Tony would become a member and add his web page.  We would scan his page word by word and store it into the Curioscape search engine.  His page will be retrieved if any visitor searches for "NFL Buttons" because it appears on his web page.

He has the option of bidding on NFL keywords to position his site at the top of the list. Traffic at the top is much higher than down a few pages in the directory.  The screen shot below is the Keyword Management page for bidding on Keywords.  Site owners can easily search and select hundreds popular keywords.



Sites that have placed a bid in the open auction for position will be able to monitor some statistics from the View Hits page and receive weekly progress reports.

If you want to try it out, then register as a member.